We believe no two businesses are the same, each client having their own characteristics which require a bespoke service specific for those needs

We offer the perfect solution for those companies that need the support

The consultancy model accounting force offers is solution based. We assess your requirements, at the scoping stage, to put in place appropriate people and software providing the correct mix in order to produce the optimal solution.

Company acquisitions & disposals

Buying or selling, and the related valuations are one of the most important business decisions that directors are likely to make. We believe we have a different approach to many other firms we come across. From the moment the engagement starts, we believe it important to develop a close working relationship with the client and to fully involve them in the process so they have a better understanding to reach an informed decision.

Given the experience of the partners and their extensive knowledge of the numerous factors that need to be considered, built up from their involvement in numerous acquisition disposals, and valuations, we believe we offer a service that ensures a realistic commercial valuation is given, and you are aware of the important financial issues in the process. This is certainly one area where practical experience is vital to avoid a lot of wasted time, and effort. Again, we offer various fee option calculations.